John Cena Net Worth 2020

John Cena is one of the few biggest and most successful faces of wrestling. Cena is a WWE wrestler, actor, rapper, athlete and TV star. He has won a number of international awards, many WWE championships and is a well-acclaimed wrestler in the world.

He earns his money from multiple sources. The biggest earning source for Cena in the past was wrestling but nowadays he earns from movies, his songs and TV shows as well. According to multiple sources, Cena’s net worth is $60 million.

john cena net worth
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Early Life

John Cena was born in 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. His father’s name was also John Cena and he was Italian while his mother was French-Canadian and English. His father was a baseball player. Also, Cena himself used to play football and other sports when he was in college.

Later on, he went to become a bodybuilder and this passion for bodybuilding brought him into wrestling. And the rest is history. There is no award or title in wrestling career that John Cena has not won.

He is an educated personality and attended Catholic High School in Lawrence but was then transferred to another private school. He was an active football player in school and college and used the number 54 on his jersey. And this is the number that you see on his wrestling gear.

Wrestling Career

After becoming a bodybuilder, he went to win many competitions and this paved the way for his entry into the wrestling industry. His wrestling career started in 2000 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling. One year later in 2001, he joined WWF, now WWE, and took part in many wrestling competitions. He won many championships in every part and department.

He is even the highest paid wrestler in the world. If so many people watch wrestling today, that’s because of him. He has inspired a lot of new people and he is the biggest inspiration for young wrestlers. His influence can also be seen in products sold by WWE.

People buy WWE products because they see Cena’s face on the products. He used to earn $10 million per year in 2015 and afterwards.

He then tried his luck in singing and was successful there too. His first album was released in 2013 and it was a major success. Currently, he is dividing his time between WWE and Hollywood. He is starring in several upcoming movies.

Properties, House and Cars

John Cena is a fond of sports and luxury cars. He owns every best car around in the market. If you check his car collection, there will not be any car that he doesn’t own. He also loves showing off his cars. He is often spotted taking rides and enjoying in his cars.

He own a house in Florida that’s no less than a palace. This is a kind of dream house that many celebrities can just think about. He has every facility and amenity in the house- from swimming to guest house, separate car garage to cigar room, from drawing room to special room for his girlfriend’s clothing.

This makes him one of the biggest names in wrestling. He has worked in a number of movies and earns a huge amount of money from acting as well.

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