AJ Lee Net Worth 2020

A.J. Lee is a former American wrestler. She has been a part of many wrestling franchises and participated in a number of famous wrestling matches. She wrestled for just seven years.

Her career began in 2007 after she was inspired by her brother’s fascination for World Wrestling Federation (WWF). When it comes to her earnings and net worth, her only source of income is wrestling.

AJ Lee Net Worth
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But as now she is retired, her net worth has dropped when compared to the time she was at the peak of her career. Many reports have quoted different amounts about her net worth but it was learned her net worth is almost $5 million.

Early Life

Lee was born in 1987 in Union City, New Jersey. She belonged to a very poor family. She could not even complete her education because she didn’t have enough money to pay for fees and college expenses. She left the studies and decided to enter wrestling.

Her brother was a fan of wrestling and used to watch wrestling matches all the time he had. Her family didn’t even have their own houses and her family struggled with drug addiction and alcohol consumption.

When it comes to her inspiration for wrestling, a famous wrestler Lita was the other person who motivated her and she met Lita in an autograph party. When she was just 12, she decided to get admission in a wrestling school and get the basic training.


She continued her education with wrestling training and passed college from Memorial High School. She also got admission in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts but had to leave the studies with completing degree due to financial issues.

Then she started teaching somewhere to manage fees for her wrestling training. That money from tuition was the only source she lived on and used for training expenses.


Her wrestling career started in 2007 and ended in 2015. She kickstarted it on New Jersey independent circuit but she got a major breakthrough when she signed a contract with WWE in 2009. After that contract, she went on to fight many big wrestling matches and won several times. She won her first Divas Championship in 2013.

There is an interesting fact about Lee that few people know. She was diagnosed with bipolar diseases at the very young age and she even decided to commit suicide.

She was lucky that she survived. After that she became a wrestler and dated many big names in the wrestling world.

Personal Life

She has been in a relationship with many men around. After dating Daniel Bryan and John Cena, she married CM Punk in 2014. She lives in Chicago with him. They do not have any children yet.

When it comes to her retirement from WWE, pregnancy was the cause and she decided to quit it.

But nowadays, she is also famous as a writer. She continued writing and has inspired the young generation. She works as an ambassador for many organizations working for people, education, eradicating illness and saving animals from cruelty.

Frequently Asked Questions about AJ Lee

Is AJ Lee retired from Wrestling?

Yes, Lee is currently retired.

Was she fired from WWE?

No, she left WWE on her own.

Is she signed to AEW?


What are her accomplishments?

She is a 3 time Divas Champion.

What is AJ Lee’s ethnicity?

AJ Lee is of Puerto Rican descent.

What is AJ Lee’s Height?

She has a height of 1.57 m (5 ft 5 in).

How old is AJ Lee?

She is 32 years old.

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