Jim Cramer Net Worth 2020

Jim Cramer is the co-founder of TheStreet.com, Inc., with Martinez Peretz, the editor of The New Republic. He is a famous American TV personality as he hosts CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’, a finance TV program. His father also owned a local business, the International Packaging Products in Philadelphia.

Jim Cramer
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Jim Cramer started his professional life as a journalist as early as in college. At about the same time, he started investing in the stock market. This was what sprang up to his association with Martinez, who gave Jim $500k million in just two years. He also favored Cramer to be employed as a stockbroker in a company. It led Cramer to found Cramer & Co., his hedge fund. From that fund, he routinely took about $10m annually.

However, he was being accused of some unethical offenses regarding recommendations of stock. It resulted in his debarment by the CNBC from trading stocks with his funds, after his retirement as the fund’s manager in 2001.

Jim.C is a former journalist, with the Harvard Law School as his alma mater. During his years in journalism, he covered several high profile cases in Florida. After entering the world of finance and business, he began investing in the stock market. He serves as a market commentator and adviser in TheStreet.com, Inc.

He also appeared on different TV shows, such as NBC Nightly News, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno which has earned him the rapport of a TV personality. Apart from this, Jim Cramer is also the author of several books on financing and marketing which include Abzocke! and Real Money. Five of them are major national bestsellers. His character can trust “Action Alerts PLUS” accumulated a 31.75% return in the timeframe of 2002 till 2009.

He has the cash flowing from different spheres of the market, where he has invested, peaking his net worth somewhere between $50m to $100m.

Jim is married to Lisa Cadette Detwiler and has two children. He lives in Summit, New Jersey.

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