Barry Weiss Net Worth 2020

Barry Weiss is a reality TV star who rose to the fame in 2010 when he appeared on his show named “Storage Wars.” The show was an A&E reality series regarding the antique collection which Barry has been doing since the age of 15.

He remained for four seasons at the show. He currently has a net worth of $10 million.

barry weiss net worth
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After he left the show “Storage Wars,” Barry started his show on A&E named “Barry’d Treasure.” The show showed how he goes to different places in search of finding rare and antique collectibles. He also appeared on the TV again with the show “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back” in 2015.

Apart from this collection profession, Barry has a family business as well. He has a production company where he sells fruits and vegetables. This is a family business he received from his ancestors which was started back in 1938.


Barry Weiss was born in California. His early life is not known. But what we have is that Barry is passionate about collecting antiques since he was a child. This isn’t just a job for him but a passion that he works on every day.

The reason why Barry is famous on a global level is that of the show named “Storage Wars” on which he appeared on back in 2010. The show was about some professional buyers who were supposed to auction on the items available with an inspection time of only 5 minutes. Not only this, they had to convert those things into profit.

He was cast since the very first episode of the first season which was dated on 1st December 2010. He was later joined by the stars Darrell Sheets, Brandi Passante, Dave Hester, Jarrod Schultz, Dan Dotson, and Laura Dotson. The show went viral thus making Barry and his other mates famous.

He didn’t only get fame through this show. He earned money as well. Not every time he spent he earned. But overall, he multiplied his money almost three times. His total spending in the first season was $8,165.

The next season was even better for Barry Weiss. He increased his spent amount and so significantly increased his profit. He spent a total of $26,782 and earned $32,800. His charts kept increasing throughout the next two seasons at the show.

In 2013, the show had allegations that it wasn’t authentic. This was the reason Barry quite the show and didn’t returned for the 5th season.

Despite his five-figure earnings from the show, Weiss was reportedly paid more than $10,000 for each appearance.

Personal Life

Barry Weiss is a single parent of two sons from his ex-wife. Apparently, he never discussed his ex-wife with media. He lives in Los Angeles where he has spent his entire life.

According to some reports circulating in media, he lives in a house called Spanish Revival Home which was originally constructed near 1920.

Being an antique lover, Barry also has a collection of antique and vintage cars. He has a custom Cowboy Cadillac 1947 in his collection.

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