Ivy Calvin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Wife

Ivy Calvin is an American international who is called “King of Palmdale.” He is a businessman and is known for his presence in the TV show named “storage wars.” Ivy is a man of excellent character.

He is a humble and funny guy despite all the fame and wealth he has. These characteristics have a major contribution to Ivy Calvin’s success and popularity among fans.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth
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Early Life

Ivy was born on 10th September 1971 is the United States. He never left his country and is still living there despite all the fame and opportunities he has. He is majorly known for the show “Storage Wars.” But he has also played a part in various other reality TV shows.

Ivy is married to his former girlfriend and current wife named Wendy. The couple has two sons together, one named Ivy and other named Isaiah. Ivy is a former football player. He has also served as an assistant coach for an unknown football team. But he ultimately went on TV as he saw an opportunity there.

Being a football player and assistance coach doesn’t show the entire struggle he has had in his life. Ivy Calvin was a part of MMA as well. He was an MMA fighter but didn’t get any success there.

Storage Wars

After that, he went on to coach the football team of Vasquez Hight School. This venture of Ivy also failed. He finally got his life on the track once he enters the popular TV show “Storage Wars.”

At the beginning of his “Storage Wars” career, he was just a part-time performer. His role was not big enough in the show. It was just a matter of time when he became a regular. In the third season alone, Ivy had 50 appearances which were the start of his glorious career, and he became a regular.

After learning so much in the show and investing his time, Ivy finally decided to start a business. He started a thrift store. He named the store “Grandma’s Attic” and chose Palmdale, California as the location.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Once struggling for a career, Ivy Calvin is now regarded as one of the finest and most popular reality TV personality. He has appeared in several other shows as well. But “Storage Wars” was the most popular one he was in. He has accumulated a net worth of almost $1.8 million. “Storage Wars” has again played a significant part in the net worth.

His previous, unsuccessful career ventures didn’t go in vain. After he had enough money and experience with buying, selling, and auctions, Ivy used his exposure in the football and MMA fields to convert them to profit. He has several other business ventures as well which are paying him greatly.

Ivy Calvin is very private about his personal life. He is very rarely seen to open up about his life outside the profession. But on some moments, he has spoken up, and so boldly that he surprised the listeners. He and his wife, Wendy, are very much active on Twitter.

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