What’s the Ethnicity of Joanna Gaines?

Reality TV star Joanna Gaines got fame from Fixer Upper whose ethnicity belongs to Korean, German and Lebanese, while her Nationality belongs to the United States. Joanna Gaines and her ethnicity is the most common discussion topic of her fans.

Joanna Gaines Ethnicity
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Joanna Gaines is a fashion fiesta, a designer of beautiful homes.  Her popularity lies in her own company ‘Magnolia’, an all in one solution for quality living. She is the lead designer of the company too.  She has got immense fame by appearing on the HGTV reality television series ‘Fixer Upper’, where she appeared with her husband Chip.

She has answered all the fundamentals issues of her ethnicity to the fans through her blog. She is not a Native American, her mother is originated from Korea and her father is a half German and half Lebanese. So she is half Korean from her mother’s side and ¼ German and ¼ Lebanese from her father’s side.

Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Stevens have met each other in Korea and have started their family life in Kansas, where she was born in 1978 and spent her entire childhood. She has two sisters also. The career choice of her father was a Body Shop, which he runs in Waco.


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Joanna has a big endorsement line with many big brands. She also promotes her father’s shop in her television commercial.

Designing is the passion of her life but the subject of her University degree was communication. She got a degree from Baylor University. But she has chosen the designing career and opened her designer boutique. Magnolia was her venture for designing but her Husband Chip has given it a new identity to mixes up the home designing with the construction business.

She has another interest in life where she owned a hundred years old farmhouse with many animals. The most interesting thing about Joanna is that she is a successful television personality, television host too but she lives in a treehouse where she doesn’t have a television.

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