Heimo Korth Net Worth

Heimo Korth is an American reality star who is a professional hunter. He, along with his wife, lives near the Arctic Wildlife refuge. They don’t stay at a single place and keep on moving from one lodge to another in search of a better spot for hunting fishes.

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Heimo and his wife have a mission to live on a natural diet. Hence they hunt fishes for, both, selling them and for their nutrition. The two of them attract interest from plenty of documentaries on the Discovery and related channels. Read further to get to know Heimo Korth net worth.

Regardless of the fact that Heimo was proven to be right around a huge name, he wants to get the ability to adapt his family to customarily given resources accessible. Heimo showed on documentary named Surviving Alone in Alaska, also on Flying Wild Alaska, even Braving Alaska.

Heimo Korth Wiki

Full NameHeimo Korth
Date of BirthApril 17, 1955
Place of BirthWisconsin, USA
OccupationTV personality
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerEdna Korth
Height1.72 m
Weight75 kg
Heimo Korth Net Worth$0.2 Million

The Last Alaskans

Most as of late, he and his household were a bit of their supporting cast on The Last Alaskans, which will be a Discovery Channel’s story arrangement. Back in 2004, a publication titled The Last Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Loved Ones, alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness has been dispersed. Dwelling on the crazy and pursuing nutrition sounds incredibly sentimental to many yet few have the valor to live like that.

So the expansive visibility of comparable displays on TV. Korth is an intense outdoorsman and such as this is very well-known. Where he lives is rampant, and there aren’t any streets indoors or driving in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Many people are interested in Heimo Korth Net Worth because of his inspiring career.

From the solidifying temperatures that fall to 58-degree Fahrenheit, the few figured out the way to preserve existence by merely pursuing and angling.

Millie is his daughter from Heimo’s in the previous marriage. At the stage when Heimo persuaded Edna to reside far out of the city life, he’d have never believed the disaster was coming into his or her leadership.

How Rich is Heimo Korth?

His present net worth is roughly $200,000 that is attributed to his distinctive lifestyle that’s different from the standard livelihood. As a consequence of his different sort of life, Heimo and his loved ones are a focus of several factual publications and documentaries which aim to incorporate his life in their own journals and documentaries.

His latest documentary is ” The final Alaskan” (2015) that featured his loved ones and three more households in the jungle. Heimo along with his wife spent over nine months without a touch of the external world, no power, without running water distribution.

Determined by bush pilots to haul him from their wilderness, Heimo and his household are only rangers from the wilderness entirely dependant on their survival and hunting strategies.

Still Going Strong

Heimo once paid for his lifestyle. His first daughter, Coleen Korth, died in the June of 1984 in a river accident. She was only two years old at the time. The couple was devastated and heartbroken.

Despite the event, Heimo refused to give up continued the same lifestyle. In the love of her daughter, Heimo appealed for a peak to be designated on Coleen but the request was rejected.

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