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Dave Carraro is an American born TV star who has a net worth of almost $6 million. He is famous due to his involvement in the documentary series “Wicked Tuna” which is aired on the National Geographic channel.

Dave Carraro Net Worth
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The reason why Dave is a fish hunter is that he was exposed to catching fishes from a very young age. He used to go fishing with his parents and got his first fish when he was only seven years old. That was the start of Dave’s extraordinary journey.

Since that day, he developed a passion for fishing. It was an ideal scenario for him as his parents, both of them had the same interests and were skilled fishermen. So they were available to help him master this art and pursue it as a career. He learned and became so good that he had his tuna catching license when he was only twenty years old.

Career Development

After getting his license, he got a job on a party ship. But Dave was not internally satisfied with the job. Apparently, the job didn’t have the spark Dave was looking for. After that, he started providing fishes to restaurants. After that, he kept increasing his company’s market, and at the moment, his company is a brand in the fish industry.

Dave is not known for his fishing company, although his skill had a big part in it. However, he is famous and a celebrity because of his appearance in the “Wicked Tuna” show. But, this was not his first-ever TV appearance.

Dave was a part of the cast of the show named “Fox and Friends.” He made an appearance in 1998. Neither the show was a hit, nor did Dave become a celebrity until 2012 when he was invited to play a part in “Wicked Tuna.”

Another thing that makes him and his crew members unique is that they hunt using only a rod and a reel. This is one of the reasons why Dave Carraro is a fan favorite and is the show’s star. Apart from the show, Dave has a personal website where he sells the show’s endorsement products.

The channel, National Geographic also finance this website. Moreover, he also has a fishing company that catches fishes in bulk quantity and then sells it.

Catching big fishes, weighing from 800-1000 pounds, using only a rod and a reel, is extremely difficult. Dave has been doing that for years. He and his crew deserve medals. Despite, being a fisherman, he is not greedy.

Instead, he cares about the environment and ecosystem as well and hence doesn’t catch bluefin Tunas as their count in the sea has significantly decreased in the past 60-70 years.

Personal Life

Being a celebrity and a fisherman is demanding. This is the reason why Dave has had unstable marital life in the past. His wives couldn’t bear watching him go to the sea for weeks, and they stuck at home. Hence he was single for quite a long time.

Currently, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend and soon to be his wife, Jess Boardway.

How Rich is Dave Carraro?

Dave has a net worth of 6 million dollars.

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