Sue Aikens Net Worth

Sue Aikens is an American woman abandoned by her mother in Alaska when she was nothing more than 12 years old. The conditions of Alaska are very rough. Hence, Sue Aikens had to go through a lot to adapt and survive. Keep reading to get to know Sue Aikens Net Worth.


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The time she spent facing difficulties was the time she finally grew mature and became a fighter in life. She is now a documentary star and appears on a show named “Life Below Zero.” The show consists of Sue Aikens, left on specific spots with limited resources to survive. Follow more biographies & net worths at WealthyStars.

This is exactly what she has been doing since she was abandoned. She has a very powerful and determined soul. Her motto, “If it hurts, don’t think about it”, says it all about her. Many people are interested in Sue Aikens Net Worth because of her amazing career.

Sue Aikens Wiki

Full NameSue Aikens
Date of BirthJuly 1, 1963
Place of BirthAlaska, USA
OccupationTV personality
Marital StatusDivorced
Height1.75 m
Weight77 kg
Net Worth$0.5 Million

 ”Life Below Zero” Career

Naturally trained to survive in the unkind atmospheres, Sue Aikens was offered a place in the “Life Below Zero” show, in 2013. She instantly accepted the offer and started a new journey. This show was a life turner for her. She had an opportunity to be paid for something that she had to learn for survival. Why would she refuse?

“Life Below Zero” has a cast of six survivors, Andy Bassich, Glenn Villeneuve, Erik Salitan, Jessie Holmes, Agnes Hailstone, and Sue Aikens. They are left at a spot with limited resources. Their task is to survive. Currently, Sue owns a Kavik River Camp which provides staying places for the hunters and adventure seekers.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Sue Aikens loves the channel BBC. She lives almost 200 miles North of Arctic Circle. Life is full of struggle there. Moreover, the show requires a lot of effort from Sue. Her employer, BBC, value their jewels and pay them as per their struggles and efforts.

Sue receives almost $200,000 a year as a salary for the “Life Below Zero” show. However, for her personal camp venture, Sue charges $350 for the accommodation of a day. Once a 12 years old helpless and abandoned child now has a net worth of $500,000. Without a doubt, she is an inspiration for the people who desire to make a change in their miserable life.

Family Life

Sue has had a tragic family life. Her mother abandoned her, so she didn’t have a family to look up to as a child. When she grew up, she got married. Her husband died. Sue Aikens married again.

She enjoyed her life with her husband. They had two children together. After 17 years of marriage, her second husband died and she was devastated again. She decided to marry a third time.

However, her husband fell in love with a younger girl and parted ways soon after the marriage. When their kids grew up, they decided to settle down in city life and left the nomad lifestyle behind. Another blow for her as a mother had to live far away from her children.

However, Sue doesn’t speak very much about her personal life. Instead, she keeps such things to herself.


During her career, Sue has faced two major near-death experiences. In 2007, a bear attacked her and she had no help. She stitched herself and gave herself first aid until a pilot rescued her.

While she was shooting for the fifth season, she had an accident with a big piece of ice. She was horribly injured. But the producer decided to cash out of the situation and asked the pilot to land the plane far away from where she was lying. The intention of the producer was only thrill and entertainment.

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