Imaqtpie (Michael Santana) Net Worth 2020

Imaqtpie is a well known professional gamer and a streaming person, who is also known by Michael Santana. He worked for “oh Gods bear” team and left it in April 2011. Previously this team got National ESL Premier League. He started his carrier as an AD in a team named “Rock Solid”.

imaqtpie net worth
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Later he joined another team, Dignitas in September 2011 which stood on the third position in MLG Providence and he worked with Kurtis Lingas his associate. He is one of the leading champ of flippers360 LAN tournament. He bought a huge victory of IGN Proleague Season 3 in Atlantic City for his team in 2011.

He became famous for picking Twitch and Evelyn in contests and then switched in the last moment. Imatqpie is fairly renowned by a phrase “Dongsquad 420” and “Dongsquad”. He became famous as Corki play.

Early Life

Imaqtpie was born in Florida, on 21 February 1992. He is semi-Cuban and semi Colombian. He passed most part of his life in Florida. His mother chose his name “Imaqtpie”.

He became a professional gamer in the year 2011 when he was only 19 years old. After leaving oh Gods bear he joined Rock Solid by the end of September 2011. He passed his whole life unmarried tough he had a girlfriend named as, Lisha.

She is also a player in League of Legends. Among his habits, one is very prominent that is, he doesn’t like to put on shoes. He used to share pictures of his pets on his social media.

Achievements and Awards

In 2012, when he was still a part of team “Dignitas”, in February he won curse final prize of and then they were positioned as runner-up in IEM Season VI in World Championship. In the same year during the month of July, his team won another award of IPL Elites NA.

In the latter year, 2013, he participated in episodes of Reflections and his team stood at 3rd position in MLG Winter International Exhibition Championship and got 4th position in season 3 of NA LCS Summer Playoffs. His playing flair was considered as mentally challenging.

After all these victories he decided to left team Dignitas in 2014. In 2016, he won the yearly award of Streamer at eSports Industry Awards.


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In next year, 2017, he participated in NACS with Delta Fox and stood at 6th.  He is awarded many other titles and awards as a professional gamer. Nowadays he is champion of flippers360 LAN. In season 4 of IGN Proleague in Las Vegas, he was the one who leads the team to 3rd position.

Imaqtpie Net Worth

Imaqtpie worked a professional gamer at the age of 19 only. He made his career as a Twitch star and for running videos. By the age 25, he was earning sufficient. As per an estimate, his net worth is calculated as $1.3 million.

He got almost 1.6 million followers and 100 million plus views in his YouTube videos. As a gamer, he has earned around $31,997.65 by participating in only 21 tournaments.

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