Lirik Net Worth 2020

Lirik is a well-known Twitch streamer in America. He initiated his career as a Twitch gamer from where he began to achieve a large number of viewers. Usually, he streams 7 hours/day and gains over 30000 viewers.

In addition, he is also a popular YouTube personality with having over 17 million views and more than 250,000 subscribers. Debatably, he is the wealthiest and most famous streamer at Twitch. The predictable net worth of Lirik is $1.5 million.

 lirik net worth
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Biography & Wiki

Lirik originally named as Saqib Zahid belongs to Germany. He was born on 29th October 1990. At the present, he resides in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Lirik got enrollment at the University of Lahore in 2012 and did his bachelor’s in Computer Science from there.

Lirik opened his eye to a mediocre family and had to bear a lot of financial crisis. However, he grappled really hard to be one of the top streamers across the globe.

Lirik keeps his private life very secret and does not reveal it much to his fans.


Lirik began to stream online in 2011 in the videos game of World Of Warcraft. He created a channel on YouTube entitled DatGuyLirik where he uploads short comic videos through Twitch streaming. His channel earned over 180 thousand subscribers.

Lirik has also risen to fame for playing Dayz Standalone for a short period of time. Additionally, he played a number of RP mods and games. He achieved a whole heap of followers on Twitch from promotional events such as Showdown Tournament. Some of the main games of Lirik on Twitch are inclusive of DRYZ, Rust and Steep and Arma 3.

Lirik usually makes the selection and voting for next game on every Sunday with the help of his viewers. The process of game selection happens by viewer’s voting.

Awards & Achievements

Lirik has achieved huge publicity and numerous awards in the World of Streaming by Twitch itself. He is continuously making and breaking his own records in the Streaming World.

Lirik got fame due to some of his highly rated videos, for instance, his video under the moniker Burning Ballsack of ILLIDAN in 2015 received 279 022 views. Adding to it, in 2014, his video DayZ StandAlone: The Tragedy earned 229 583 views. Furthermore, in the same year his video Rust: How to Stop a Raid procured 211 193 views.

Lirik Net Worth

Lirik has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He is the heartthrob of a number of people across the globe. His career at Twitch has helped him to make this big amount of his net worth.

Moreover, his world famous videos also endorse numerous brands and include a number of sponsor materials which adds to an additional amount to his overall net worth. Another big source of his huge earning is the several sponsorships from the gaming career.

Lirik is likely to gain more Twitch viewers as well as YouTube subscribers for the reason that he is still contributing to the same field with great dedication and enthusiasm.

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