Matt Ogus Net Worth

Matt Ogus is a US-based YouTuber, bodybuilder, and fitness expert. He has become kind of a celebrity after he started sharing his photos and videos on YouTube. Recently, he became famous on Instagram and has a good number of followers. Read further to get to know Matt Ogus net worth.

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Matt earns most of his wealth from YouTube and Instagram. His current girlfriend also joins him in the videos and they make it together for the followers.

Social media has never been so great in the past when it comes to making people famous. But nowadays, only a single video can fetch you fame and wealth overnight. If you have talent, some particular skills or good luck- just make it to the social sites and media will be covering you. Then you start playing with money.

The same was the case with Matt and he became famous through social websites. Let’s talk about his early life and how he made all this wealth and fortune he owns today.

Matt Ogus Wiki

Full NameMatthew Ogus
Date of Birth12 March 1991
Place of BirthCitrus Height, California, USA
OccupationVlogger, Bodybuilder
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerBrittany Lesser
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight77 kg
Net Worth$0.5 Million

Early Life

He was born in California in 1991. When he was in secondary school, Matt was inspired by fitness videos and courses. He started working on his fitness and physique through the fitness courses available. Also, Ogus had the support of his school’s football coach who worked as his mentor. A few years later, he took part in a weight lifting and then went on to join social media sites.

In 2011, he started posting and sharing his photos on social sites. The initial videos included content like how to get a six-pack easily and the followers offered him a good number of views. The start might have been slow for him but you can still earn enough money from a single video or post on social sites. Many people are interested in Matt Ogus Net Worth because of his inspiring career.

At the moment, his YouTube channel shows that he has over 550K followers while he also has almost 570K fans on Instagram. This number of followers on social sites is really good to make money through videos.

Nowadays, people are more interested in inspirational content than stories and fun stuff. This is what Matt is doing. He has gained organic traffic and every single click on his video or Instagram post brings him money. This has increased his net worth. A few brands are also working with him on fitness and lifestyle.

Matt Ogus Training Video

Additionally, he has his own courses and he is making good money from them as well. If you have a set of skills with passion and knowledge to earn, you can make it really big.

Personal Life

When it comes to the personal life of Matt Ogus, he has been in a relationship with a beautiful young lady known as Megan Gittins. But they were unfortunate that they had to break up. Now, he is with another hot and beautiful girl named Brittany Lesser and she has done her graduation in health education.

The interesting part is that she also appears in videos with Matt. According to Matt’s latest Instagram post, they have been blessed with a baby and the photo shows both of them holding their baby together.

Matt Ogus Height

Matt Ogus has a height of 5 ft 5 inches (1.65m).

Matt Ogus Net Worth

Matt has a net worth of $500k. He is earning most of his money from Youtube videos and Instagram posts.