Brian Barczyk Net Worth

Brian Barczyk is a notable American TV personality. He is a unique reptile wrangler. His love for animals made him choose breeding of snakes as his business at his early age. His popularity has grown once he started appearing on Discovery Channel’s Venom Hunters. Read further to know Brian Barczyk net worth.

Brian Barczyk Wiki

Full NameBrian Barczyk
Date of BirthSeptember 6, 1969
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
OccupationTV personality, vlogger
Marital StatusMarried
Brian Barczyk Net Worth$4 Million

Early Life

Brian Barczyk took birth on September 6, 1969, in Detroit, Michigan. He has 2 siblings. Information about his parents is not available on the internet. His mom and his siblings did not like snakes but Brain loved Snakes. He went to a zoo where he first saw a reptile. He used to go to the woods to collect snakes. He used to take them to his home and hide them.

When Brian turned 15, his mom allowed him to buy a snake. He kept it in a basement. She was afraid of snakes so she never went to the basement. His very first snake was a Burmese Python. Brian started working at a pet shop where his love for snakes grew. He attended college and studied biology. He had the option to become a microbiologist but Brian chose to become a snake breeder.


His web series on YouTube Animal Bytes Tv has more than 3 million subscribers and receives millions of views for each video he uploads. Brian started earning his livelihood from breeding snakes in earlier days. Then his TV reality show Venom Hunters on the Discovery channel made him popular worldwide and made to earn good wealth. Many people are interested in Brian Barczyk Net Worth because of his amazing career.

When Brian was just two years old, he found his first snake at a zoo. He was a passionate snake lover. He used to catch small snakes in school days and feed them and was taking care of them. The love for reptiles grew in him, finally letting him earn a good amount of money by breeding snakes.

The business made so much money to get married and own a house when he just completed his teenage years. Along with the snake breeding business, Brian started producing a web show Snake Bytes TV, and his videos were played as episodes in a BHP Reptiles show. Meanwhile, Brian thought about starting a pet trade. His own YouTube channel Animal Bytes Tv has become so popular to have more than 3 million subscribers.

Lori Barczyk is Brian’s soulmate. Their love story started at a very young age. He says it was love at first sight that happened to Lori at a friend’s party. In the initial days of dating, Lori was found confused about the relationship, because she hates snakes. Eventually, she spent time with Brian in taking care of snakes, breeding them, and got used to that. They got married in 1992 and soon had a baby Jade, after which they bought a house too. All this happened when Brian was just twenty-three years old.

Brian purchased a house for himself and his wife at the age of 23 itself. And he thinks that there is nothing more precious than reptiles he owns. He is very much protective towards snakes at his home. The first car he owned was a Chevette and currently, he drives a 2004 GMC truck.

Brian Barczyk Net Worth

According to various sources, Brian Barczyk has a predictable net worth of $4 million. He has earned his wealth via his TV show, merchandise, his business, and endorsements.

Facts about Brian Barczyk

  • Brian Barczyk is a very famous TV personality and venom trader from the United States. He is of white descent. His zodiac is Virgo.
  • He has a huge social media following. His Instagram handle has over 500k followers and his Facebook page has more than 800,000 likes. His Twitter account has over 40k followers.
  • He is hitched to a woman named Lori and they have 2 children together. His children are not interested in snakes at all.
  • Brian does not keep snakes at home. He has a pet dog.
  • He is afraid of spiders. His YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers. He vlogs daily.
  • He used to work in an office and loathed it.
  • Baczyk follows Joe Sugg and KSI.
  • He is the owner of his own business BHB Reptile. Brian has over 25,000 snakes.