P-Square Net Worth

The Nigerian famous duo, P square was composed of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. Their albums were produced and recorded through Square Records. They have been involved with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label and Universal Music’s South African Branch.

However, in September of 2017, several media outlets reported the news that the two brothers have had an argument and they have departed their ways. Keep reading and we”ll let you know P-Square Net Worth.

Initially, in 2016, similar news came out when the duo band got disbanded due to the controversy with the role of manager. However, this time there are many news sources who gave the news on their separation.

P-Square Wiki

Full NamePeter Okoye
Date of Birth18 November 1981
Place of BirthNigeria
Marital StatusDating
Net Worth$150 Million

Historical background

P square started school in a local small Catholic school in Jos. Both the identical twins had the same passion about performing on stage. They used to perform songs of Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown and MC Hammer through their school’s music and drama club.

The band initially was composed of four members; Itemoh, Melvin, Michael, Paul and Peter. In 1997, they formed a musical group called Smooth Criminals. They were all inspired from Michael Jackson and so they started break dance.

Eventually, Itemoh was dropped from the band and they continued as a group that would perform on school functions and major ceremonies for the city. They were all soon famous and were made household names in the city of Jos. Their performance acts and a unique dance routine was exceptional in that area.

Later, Peter and Paul joined a music school in order to have a good skill set for their music. They learnt a lot of details in music and playing instruments and played soundtracks for a number of films which include, Mama Sunday, Evas River, Tobi, and Moment of Bitterness.

Then came their College studies, both Peter and Paul got admission in University of Abuja and then all the four members disbanded form the group as they got separated for university education. At the end, Peter and Paul formed their own group. Various names were suggested like Double P, Da Pees, P&P, finally, they settled on the title of their group, P- Square. Many people are interested in P-Square Net Worth because of their inspiring careers.

Controversies regarding P square

P Square had been under a controversy that they sample various western songs and include them in their singles. There are various singles like “Get Squared”, “Danger”, “Game Over” and others. They made headlines on the incident when they were to perform along with 2face on an event.

The show organizers made some last minute changes at the length of their performance to which they responded that we are treated like slaves in our own country whenever a foreigner arrives. They started their performance but out of resentment, they threw their microphones midway their performance and stormed out of rage and left the stage immediately.

Not only that, but they had also left the show venue. Later, the show organizers took them back to the show and they performed along with 2face. The organizers also apologized to them.

P-Square Net Worth

The duo P square was reported to have a combined net worth of 150 million US dollars.

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