Farah Khan Net Worth 2020

Farah Khan is an Indian director and former choreographer. She has directed a number of blockbuster movies. Apart from directing movies, she has appeared in various TV shows, dancing shows and programs on lives of celebrities. She has worked as a judge in dancing and music talent shows.

Farah married a director who worked with her in a famous movie of King Khan and they are blessed with two daughters and one son. She earns most of her money from choreography and directing movies. Her current net worth is expected to be $8 million.

farah khan net worth
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Early Life and Childhood

Farah Khan was born in 1965 in Mumbai. She was fond of dancing when she was a child. India is a country where entertainment industry constantly looks for talent and they even hold programs and shows to let the younger fellows have a chance to demonstrate their skills.

Choreographer Career

That passion of dancing led to a successful career for Farah. She started her career as a choreographer and then went to direct some of the best movies of Indian film industry. In Indian film industry influence works a lot and Farha’s brother Sajid Khan who was previously a comedian has now become one of the best directors in the industry. Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar are also her cousins and this has helped her mark her way in the industry.

Her first job was as a choreographer when she worked on the movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” in 1992. This job was just an opportunity for her and she has never looked back after that.

She is considered one of the best choreographers in India and has also worked for international movies. She soon became the most sought-after person when it came to choreography in the films.

She started her career as a choreographer, Soraj Khan was the best and most famous choreographer at that time but she left him far behind and became famous in a very short time.

She worked in “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and worked as a choreographer in more than hundred movies in 90s.

Becoming a Director

Farah always wanted to become a director and direct movies. She is one of the best friends of Shah Rukh Khan and has convinced him work in her movies as well. That’s the reason we see King Khan in all of her movies. And Shah Rukh was the first actor she worked as a director and gave a blockbuster movie as her first direction job.

“Man Hoon Na” was the movies she directed first with Shirish Kunder and it made her name in the Indian industry. Luckily, she fell in love with her fellow director Shirish Kunder and they got married in 2004. The couple was blessed with a triplet in 2008 and have two beautiful daughters and one son.

So far, she has come a long way and has directed a number of successful movies including “Happy New Year” and a few international ones like “Vanity Fair” as well. Nowadays, she appears in various music and dancing shows as a judge and plays her role when it comes to finding new talented singer, actors and dancers.

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