Burnie Burns Net Worth

Burnie Burns is an American actor, comedian, producer, host, writer, and film director living in Austin, Texas. He is one of the brains behind the famous and one of the best production houses in the world, Rooster Teeth.

Burnie Burns is a co-founder of Rooster Teeth and currently serving the production house as the chief creative officer after spending significant time as a chief executive officer. His expertise lies in the branch of filmmaking and motion graphics used in the production of video games and live-action, called Machinima.

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Not only this, but Brunie has also contributed as a host and a podcaster to the entertainment industry. Keep reading to uncover Burnie Burns net worth.

Burnie Burns Wiki

Full NameMichael Justin “Burnie” Burns
Date of Birth18 January 1973
Place of BirthRochester, New York, United States
OccupationWriter, actor, director, producer, comedian
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerAshley Jenkins (Current Wife)

Jordan Burns

Height1.88 m
Weight90 kg
Burnie Burns Net Worth$5 Million

Early Life

Brunie Burns was born 18th January 1973. Since childhood, Burnie inclined towards medical science. He became a member of a student organization named Health Occupations Students of America.

The organization had an aim to educate and aware college and school level students about the possible career and field options in medical science. Professionals, working in the field, alumni, and other experts work in collaboration to achieve the goal and guide the upcoming students.

However, he was not born with medical science. He switched his majors from biology to computer science. Although this was a drastic change in Burnie’s student life, he kept up with his studies and remained a bright one.

At the campus, they had a co-curricular activity inform of a television station, named K29Hw-D, run by the students themselves. Burnie was very active and provided service to the station. He had the task of video production and this where it all started.


Burnie was introduced to video production there, and now he is stuck in it for a lifetime. During his time at the station, he came up with a show named “sneak peek” which showed Burnie interviewing celebrities. The show was a hit and was the longest a show has been broadcasted on a student television network. Many people are interested in Burnie Burns Net Worth because of his inspiring career.

His first effort to ultimately enter the film industry was back in 1997. Burnie and his roommates, Matt Hullum and Joel Heyman, collaborated to produce a movie named “The Schedule.” However, all of three were shattered and couldn’t succeed due to the complexities and the hardships of filmmaking and the after part.

The three buddies, Brunie, Matt Hullum, and Joel Heyman, had a very same dream but they failed miserably. They parted ways. Matt Hullum and Joey went to Los Angeles to look for a chance in the film industry. Whereas, Burnie took a job at a local tech company named “TeleNetwork.”

While his time at the tech firm, TeleNetwork, Burnie met two guys, Gus Sorola and Geoff Ramsay, who had the same interest in gaming. The common interest made them buddies and they immediately went on to start an online platform named “drunkgamers.com”.

The portal was used to review new games that are just released in the market. He came up with the idea of making the games more interesting and the three of them found the “Rooster Teeth.”

How Rich is Burnie Burns?

Burnie has a net worth of $5 million at the moment. With the increasing popularity and excellence of “Rooster Teeth,” Burnie’s net worth will undoubtedly increase shortly.

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