Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) Net Worth 2020

Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley is an American wrestler and actor. He is one of the best wrestlers in AEW at the moment and has won many championships, titles, WWE awards and matches. He also defeated a number of well-known wrestlers including Seth Rollins.

He learned wrestling just because it was his passion and they cashed that passion in the later years. He has also won WWE championship one time but was considered a brutal and aggressive wrestler in WWE.

dean ambrose net worth
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He is currently signed to AEW under the name Jon Moxley. He makes most of his fortune from wrestling and his current net worth is around $6 million.

Early Life

Jonathan David Good, famously known as Dean Jones in WWE, was born in 1985 in Ohio, United States. He attended his school and college for education. But what always inspired and fascinated him was wrestling. Bret Hart was his idol and he was a diehard fan of wrestling.

Unfortunately, his family was poor and his father had to live 60 miles away from home in order to work and make money for the family. He has admitted that he could not get the proper attention of his father. But he always tried to provide them with all facilities and what he could do.

It was extremely hard to stay away from wrestling who used to miss his school and college classes just to watch and enjoy wrestling videos. But soon after becoming famous and rich, he first of all bought his mom a house so that the family could spend a comfortable life.

Wrestling Career

He had started his earning training of wrestling when he was at school and one year later, he left the school and went to try his luck in wrestling. Dean started his wrestling career in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley. He worked under the instruction of Thatcher and Cody Hawk.

Even the same year, he collaborated with two other wrestlers and went to defeat many popular groups and wrestlers. They won Tag Team Championship of HWA by defeating the group of the Mike Desire.

Apart from being a world class wrestler, he is an amazing person as well. He loves to respect people in WWE and is always there to help out his juniors. When you have been through a lot of hardships, you ultimately become a great person in yourself. And this is what Dean always tried to be.

He is one of the most experienced guys in AEW and have earned a lot of respect. He was just 18 when he started his wrestling career and has fought most number of matches when compared to other wrestlers of his generation.

Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, he married a WWE announcer named Renee Young. They dated for time and got engaged. The last year they were married and are living happily together. If we conclude Dean’s life and career, he has come a long way.

He started his life in poverty but now he has almost everything anyone can dream about. And the hardships in childhood turned him into a very strong person and an asset for AEW.

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