Meek Mill Net Worth 2020

Meek Mill originally known as Robert Rihmeek Williams is a famous hip-hop recording artist and a rapper. He initiated his musical career through a lot of hardships and now Meek is among the richest musicians of the industry. All across America, his rap band “the bloodhoundz” got rage in rap circle.

meek mill net worth
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He launched himself in the entertainment industry in 2012 via his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares”. The album goes blockbuster and embarked on the whole industry.

Early Life

Meek was born on 6th June 1987, in South Philadelphia. Due to the tragic death of his father when he was five, Meek’s personality got affected severely. His family became financially lost after death. He moved to Philadelphia and get attached to his father’s friend, who was a hip-hop legend, DJ Grandmaster Nell.

He started indulging in underground music scenes. Over time that music influenced him strongly that his passion to be music artist seeps in his veins. Later on, he was among the active members of an underground rap battle, that is where The Bloodhoundz was formed. Along with his 2 best friends.

From his teenage, he started burning CDs of his songs.


With his solo career, Meek became a hottest underground rap artist along with his Label. He released his debuted Flamerz series in 2007 which stands out as the hottest song. Alongside, he also launched his mixtape Flamerz 1, whose track “in my Bag”, was on the hit list.

Meek got a lot of popularity from the early releases. Subsequently, he released solo mixtapes including “The Real me”, “The Real Me 2” and “Flamerz”. The Flamerz 2 was released by Meek when the head of Grand hustle records offered him to represent his tape. Flamerz 2 also got the position of being hottest among the city.

Afterward Meek had been through some legal issues which almost every rapper has to get through. After going through the procedure, he launched Flamerz 2.5, The preview. The releases featured in the top hits of the charts. In his album, few tracks were in honor of Micheal Jackson, such as “Make Em Say” and “Imma Da Ish”.

In June 2009, Flamerz 3 was released comprised of some latest hits. The album was hosted by DJ Drama. The most blockbuster album which acts as a strong pillar of Meek’s career was released in 2010. The album titled The Flamerz 3 and contained hit songs of the season.

He signed a contract with Mayback Music Group, America’s biggest rap group, and sang songs for their 2 albums Self Made Vol 1 & 2. The albums got a remarkable spotlight which proves his talent.


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His second album came out in 2015 with the title, Dreams Worth more than Money”. Within a first week, 246,000 copies of albums were sold. The last mixtape he came up with was “dreamchasers” in 2016.

In 2017, Meek released another album Wins & Losses. He also released another album Championships in 2018.

Meek has been through numerous controversies from his first album till yet. The little controversies forbid the light of achievements in his way.

Meek Mill Net Worth

The net worth of Meek Mill in 2020 is approximately $14 million.

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