Tony Robbins Net Worth

The tall and handsome author, life coach, and motivator Tony Robbins net worth is huge. We will reveal his net worth later in the article. He married twice, has his own house, and sources of income come from other businesses as well.


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Anthony J. Mahavoric born in 1960, in North Hollywood, California, is a famous author, a distinguished businessman and above all a kind philanthropist. He earned a place in FORBES in 2007 for being in the top 100 list of celebrities with an income of 30 million dollars annually. Robbin started his career by promoting Jim Rohn and later he began self-help coaching with an aim of helping people with psychological disabilities.

Tony Robbins Wiki

Full NameAnthony Jay Robbins
Date of Birth29 February 1960
Place of BirthNorth Hollywood, California, United States
OccupationAuthor, life coach, businessman
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerSage Robbins (Current Wife)

Becky Robbins

Height2.01 m (6 ft 7 in)
Weight86 kg
Net Worth$500 Million

Tony Robbins Biography

He continued his self-help coaching and gave lessons on neuro-linguistic programming and Erickson Hypnosis. Later, he took special training in firewalks, sky diving, board breaking and other daring acts,. He incorporated these bold acts in his seminars only to encourage people to get rid of their fear and push the boundaries of their comfort zone to combat with the harsh reality. His main aim was to make people psychologically and mentally resilient.

Through some of his books and television infomercials, he got fame as a peak performance coach. The first infomercials were released in early 1988 and it was named ‘Personal Power’. He also started a seminar, called Leadership Academy and he was the speaker of a seminar powered by Learning Apex.

He was chosen as a speaker in the Technology Entertainment and  Design Conference. Robbins is also said to be part of Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention and they offer help to people with familiar, personal or psychological problems and provide a strategy to overcome all their complexities. He also co-owns a soccer franchise in California. Many people are interested in Tony Robbins Net Worth because of his inspiring career.


His most sold and popular books are ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, ‘Unlimited Power’, ‘Money; Master the game’. The book ‘Awaken the giant within ‘ talks in detail about overcoming fear, destitute, to control emotional and financial destiny. In his later books, Tony focuses on reinforcing relationships and how neuro- linguistic programming can bring anyone success at almost anything.


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The other book,’ Money: Master the game’ was nominated as the bestselling book in 2014 describing ways and advice to make money. He organized a charity in his name ‘Anthony Robbins’ and it aims at empowering individuals and he donated the entire profit from his last book to ‘Feeding America’ to provide an adequate amount of food to the poor.

In his seminar and promotion, Robbins uses infomercials to promote his product, program, and seminar. With his many experiences in seminars, Robbins is ranked in the top 10 TED talks because of his presentation.

Tony Robbins Net Worth

Anthony Robbins has an estimated net value of 500 million dollars of which the maximum amount goes to charity. His earnings basically come from his authorship and also from his business strategies.

Personal Life

He resides in a lovely mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Anthony was married to Becky when he was just 24, later and currently she got married to Sage, for whom he split with Becky.

Full Name, Name Anthony “Tony” Robbins
Age, Born February 29, 1960 (age 54)
North Hollywood, California, U.S.
Net Worth $500 million
Endorsement Gunthy-Renker
Source of Wealth Peak performance coach
Self-help author
Professional speaker
Family Becky Robbins (m. 1982–2001)
Sage Robbins (m. 2001)

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