Suge Knight Net Worth

Football linemen and bodyguard’s passion made him a co-founder of Death Row Records, and a prominent personality of the music industry. He did rapping and production with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur. Having a vocalist father, helped him to learn more about the music field. Keep reading and we”ll let you know about Suge Knight Net Worth.

The actual name of Suge is Marion Hugh Knight Jr. Knight was involved in multiple controversies which leads him to be sentenced to prison because he violated rules when Tupac was killed.

Suge Knight Wiki

Full NameMarion Hugh Knight Jr.
Date of BirthApril 19, 1965
Place of BirthCompton, California, United States
OccupationRecord Producer, Music Executive
Marital StatusDating
Spouse/PartnerSharitha Lee

Misa Hylton

Bernice Burgos


Lisa Lopes

Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight120 kg
Net Worth$0.2 Million

His journey from a footballer to rap industry’s businessmen is discussed below;

Early life

Knight came into the world on 19th April 1965, in Campton, California. His nick Suge was the short for “sugar bear” given by his father. His father Marion was an R&B singer and a truck driver.

Marion was a footballer in college which influences the interest of knight and he also became a notable football player, even he got an athletic scholarship in university too. Suge received his graduation from the University of Nevada with positive grades.

He spent a substantial time in the streets of Compton, L.A. Compton is a hub of rap music and generated a lot of musical personalities. Therefore, Compton’s environment influences deeply on the life of Suge and his musical career. Besides Compton left some negative aspects in his personality too.

After he served St. Louis Rams in 1 season as a footballer, he realized football as a short run profession and started doing concert promotions for musicians. By interacting with this artist, his passion towards music gets doubled.

While he was working as a bodyguard, he began making inroads through his client who was singer Bobby Brown. In the late 80s, he formulated his publishing company and got reputed songs such as, To the extreme album.

Many people are interested in Suge Knight Net Worth because of his great career.


Eventually, Knight introduced death row records through time warners Interscope with Dr. Dre. Dr supported him to release the blockbuster album The Chronic. In addition, his soundtrack Above the Rim with Snoop Dogg was a blockbuster. With some major successes from the beginning death row records became a strong contributor in the development of west coast hip-hop in 90s charts and Billboard Hot 100.

In late 90s, Death Row got a partnership with the label Bad boy who was controlled by Sean Combs. The embroilment did not last long due to Tupac’s death. He was alleged as the killer by the partners and was sentenced to jail.

After release from prison, he got $12 in his account. In succeeding years, he also got arrested multiple times on basis of certain violations.

Besides the music industry, Knight is a businessman of a car hydraulic company and of a nightspot club 662 in Las Vegas. A lot of charities to California by knight has also witnessed.

Knight was indulged in several controversies due to the negative aspect of his personality. He also got himself on probation multiple times.

After release from prison, he relaunched his label Death Row in 2003. However, in 2008 he got bankrupt and the label was sold to cover court charges.

Knight did not have many achievements after ’90s because of his certain illegal activities.

In 2011, a director Antoine Fuqua claimed that he would be making a documentary on a knight’s life to be featured on Network Showtime.

Suge Knight Net Worth

Currently, the net worth of Suge Knight is assessed as $200,000.

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