Sergio Mantegazza Net Worth

Sergio Mantegazza is the CEO of Mantegazza USA, a leading supplier of high-quality textiles and home decor products. Sergio has more than 25 years of experience in the textile industry, and he has been with Mantegazza USA since it was founded in 2001. Under Sergio’s leadership, Mantegazza USA has grown into one of the most respected companies in the industry.

Sergio Mantegazza’s Education, Career

Sergio Mantegazza is the co-founder and chairman of Grupo Pegaso, a leading provider of transportation and logistics services in Mexico. Sergio Mantegazza began his career as a truck driver and soon rose to become the CEO of Grupo Pegaso. Sergio Mantegazza has a long history of entrepreneurship and leadership in the transportation industry. He is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and has been honored with numerous awards for his achievements in business. Sergio Mantegazza is passionate about giving back to his community and has been active in philanthropy for many years. He is a strong advocate for education and has provided scholarships for hundreds of students. Sergio Mantegazza is an inspiration to all who strive to achieve their dreams. He proves that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Sergio Mantegazza Net Worth

How much is Sergio Mantegazza Net Worth?

Sergio Mantegazza is the co-founder and chairman of Globus Group, one of the world’s largest travel companies. With an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion, he is one of the wealthiest people in Switzerland. Sergio Mantegazza began his career in the travel industry in the 1950s, when he started a small tourism company with his wife, Clara. The company quickly grew, and by 1970 it was operating charter flights to destinations all over the world. In 1978, Sergio Mantegazza co-founded Globus Group, which today includes more than 30 brands and employs over 10,000 people. Sergio Mantegazza has been active in philanthropy, and in 2013 he established the Sergio Mantegazza Foundation to support research into Alzheimer’s disease.


Mantegazza is the founder and CEO of a social media company that helps businesses with their online presence. He has worked in the technology industry for over 15 years and has been quoted as saying, “I’m passionate about helping businesses harness the power of social media to create connections with their customers and grow their business.” Mantegazza’s experience in both business and technology make him an ideal speaker on this topic. In his talk, he will discuss how businesses can use social media to connect with their customers and grow their business.