Scott Mitchell Net Worth

Scott Mitchell is a quarterback for the Detroit Lions, who was drafted in 1994 by the team. Outside of football, he works as a spokesperson and investor for different businesses. As an athlete and businessman, Scott Mitchell offers a unique perspective on sports and life that fans can appreciate. Let us know more about this man!

Scott Mitchell’s Education, Career

Scott Mitchell was born and raised in Virginia, where he first developed his love for football. He attended college at the University of Richmond, where he played quarterback for the Spiders and graduated with a degree in business management. After college, Scott’s impressive performance on the field caught the eye of several NFL teams, and he was eventually drafted into the league by the Miami Dolphins. Scott spent several years as a professional football player, racking up countless touchdowns and earning accolades such as All-Pro honors and Pro Bowl selection. In addition to his achievements on the field, Scott was also an active member of his community. Throughout his career, he used his position as a role model to help inspire young people to pursue their dreams and take pride in their academic success. Today, Scott continues that legacy through various philanthropic efforts and by serving as sports director at a local high school. Overall, Scott’s incredible dedication both on and off the field has made him one of the most highly regarded players in NFL history.

Scott Mitchell Net Worth

How much is Scott Mitchell’s Net Worth?

Scott Mitchell is a retired professional football player who has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Mitchell began his career in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins in 1992. He played for the Dolphins for four seasons before being traded to the Detroit Lions in 1996. Mitchell spent six seasons with the Lions, and he also had stints with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Chicago Bears. He retired from the NFL in 2002. Since then, Mitchell has worked as a sports commentator and analyst for various television networks. He has also been involved in numerous business ventures, including a real estate development company and a sports management firm. Consequently, Scott Mitchell’s net worth is likely to continue to grow in the years to come.


William Scott Mitchell is a former professional American football player who played in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints. After retiring from the NFL, he founded The Winning Inning, a sports training company that helps athletes of all ages improve their performance. Mitchell also works as an analyst for Fox Sports Florida and Sun-Sentinel.