Ranveer Singh Net Worth 2020

Ranveer Singh. When most people hear that name, they envision boldness, courage, personality, and a whole lot of action. When we hear that name, we can only think of one thing: perfection. Bollywood has yet to produce another actor like the long-admired Ranveer Singh, and we highly doubt it ever will.

Of course, if his impeccable acting performance in “Bajirao Mastani” didn’t make you fall in love, then his looks in 2018’s “Padmaavat” will definitely make you swoon.

Ranveer Singh Net Worth
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As highly-famed, as he is, it comes off as no surprise that his net worth scrapes the sky clean. But did you know that Ranveer Singh started out his career only in 2010, despite the worth of his assets? Read on to find out more about Ranveer’s inspiring career.

Early Life

Ranveer Singh Bhavnani was born in Mumbai, India, on the 6th of July, 1985. He is the self-proclaimed maternal cousin of producer Rhea Kapoor and actress Sonam Kapoor. He claims to have dropped the surname as it was “too long”.

Ranveer Singh had always been intrigued by the film industry. He was interested in the performing arts since a very young age, either taking to acting or dancing when it came to family entertainments.

However, he soon realized that the career wasn’t as easy to get as initially thought, and his love and passion for the industry were left homeless and adulterated.


He acquired a diploma from Indiana University in Arts, and a minor in theater. Back in Mumbai, Singh started out his career as a copywriter, and has since grown into the man he is today.


The 34-year-old actor didn’t appear in film for the first time till January of 2010, when he was called by Yash Raj Films to act in the upcoming romantic comedy “Band Baaja Baaraat”. Critics were skeptical as to the success of the film, claiming that it was commercially a flop.

But at the release, reception rocketed as jaws dropped. Singh’s portrayal of the infamous Bittoo Sharma, a crazy love fanatic, led to his stardom and overnight fame.


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Since then, Singh has continued to work on 15 films, one of which is an upcoming musical drama. His quintessential performance in “Bajirao Mastani” has already topped national and international charts, and he even won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The film had a spectacular revenue of around $54 million, and continues to be one of India’s highest grossing films to date.

In 2018, his epic historical romance film “Padmaavat” revived the media attention that he deserved. He played the role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji, and he certainly has the looks to be a king!

Ranveer Singh Net Worth

So when we heard that his assets reached the same limits as his performance, well, to be honest, it wasn’t that big of a shock. Ranveer Singh has been cited as having a set of assets worth $50 million (350 Crore INR), an incredible amount earned mostly through his acting career.

We hope that his passions find the most worthy home.

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