Nkem Owoh Net Worth, Biography, Controversies, Facts

The well-known Actor, Nkem Owoh, is a heart throb of millions. Thanks to his charismatic personality and awesome smile, he has won hearts of millions. He has made his name through hard work and learning.

He is not only a brilliant actor but also an excellent comedian. He has won various awards and is well known for his Lead roles in Films.

Nkem Owoh Net Worth
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Education and Early career

Nkem Owoh got his early education in his hometown, Enugu State, Nigeria. After completing his primary and secondary education form there, he headed to Higher education. He got admission in University of Ilorin and got an engineering degree from that university. He developed the taste and love for acting during his university days. He officially started his career in 2003.


His first film was Osuofia in London. He got a leading role in that film. It was a highest selling film from Nollywood which made huge business. It had a sequel , Osuofia in London 2, as well that came out in 2014. He also appeared in a song “I Go Chop Your Dollar”, in which Owoh played the role of a scammer.

It was about the fraud related to advanced fee. It was part of a film titled The Master. However, the song was banned by Nigerian Broadcasting Commission and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.


In the year 2007, Nkem Owoh was arrested due to some money and financial fraud and violence of immigration rules. He was arrested while he was performing at a show related to music. The investigations were elongated for 7 months. Owoh was amongst the 111 suspicious people that were arrested under that investigation and was later released.

Later, in 2009, Owoh was abducted and the kidnappers demanded a handsome amount of money as ransom from the family of the victim. The family was able to pay a lesser amount, yet Owoh was released.


In 2001, Owoh acted in the film Onye-Eze, his role was of Onye-Eze. He also appeared in Fake Doctor as Dr. Zebedi in the same year. In 2003, he made a promising entry in the film Osuofia in London and played the role of Osuofia.

In his film A Fool at 40, he played the role of Hygenius and in Indemnity, his role was of Egbentu. In his 2006 film, The Barrister, he played the role of Athanasius. In his film Johnbull & Rosekate, he played the lead role of Johnbull.

In 2007, he won the Best Actor in a Leading Role award at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008 for the role of Ulonna in his film Stronger Than Pain. Some of his latest movies are: Military Zone, Ghana Must Go. His movie Wonderful Man will complete 10 years of release in 2018.

Nkem Owoh Net Worth

Nkem’s net worth is 4 million US Dollars. Her wife’s name is Ngozi Nkem Owoh. They have many children together. He is quite popular on social media and is admired by fans all over Nigeria.

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