Melanie Martinez Net Worth 2020

When it comes to finding new YouTube stars, we just can’t get enough. Already, we’ve scavenged the internet to bring to light compositions of emerging artists like Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Allyson Stoner, and Alex Aiono. All of them have either gained recognition through auditions, their YouTube channels, or Vine. So when we heard about Melanie Martinez, we just couldn’t keep her out of the list.

melanie martinez net worth
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Melanie Martinez is the singer and songwriter behind the popular Doll House EP and has gained media attention due to her exquisite and creatively designed Doll House costume.

Martinez rose to stardom mainly due to her audition on The Voice but has since used YouTube to reach out to tons of fans and supporters. She has released her first extended play (EP) that has made her ten times more popular as compared to other artists who sought recognition via EPs. In fact, her fame through merely an EP and a subsequent studio album seems miraculous, if not outstanding.

However, her musical career has just started, and her net worth, although quite impressive for a starter, is lower than other artists who are on the same level. Let’s take a look.

Early Life

Melani Adele Martinez was born on the 28th of April, 1995, in a suburb in Queens, New York. Her parents, Murcy and Jose, were Dominican and Puerto Rican respectively.

She was interested in singing and songwriting from a very early age and inspired to reach as much fame and success as her idols, most of whom included The Beatles, Britney Spears, and Brandy. She attended Plaza Elementary School, and at around the age of 14, she began to teach herself the guitar and numerous other instruments.


Martinez gained popularity when she appeared on The Voice in 2012, giving an outstanding performance of “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Three out of four judges said “yes” and she chose Adam Levine as her coach and mentor.

However, she was evicted in the fifth week but was ever-so-optimistic about it. Her dream of showing the world the true heart of music had been fulfilled, and she would gain nothing more from winning the contest.

In 2014, Martinez released her debut extended play “Doll House”. Overnight, the young artist made her way to our hearts, and her independent works rose to stardom as quickly as they had been made. Her debut single “Doll House” won the attention of both the public and the critics.


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The main analogy behind the song and the exotic music video is that every household has its own secrets and adversities, which they prefer to hide from the rest of the world. A cheating dad, a drug addict brother, a drunk mom; all households prefer to keep their curtains closed and be as plastic as a doll.

In 2015, she released her first album “Cry Baby”, which featured singles like “Doll House”, “Cry Baby” and “Mad Hatter”.

Melanie Martinez Net Worth

Even after all of this, her net worth amounts to an incredible $2 million, which is impressive and inspirational indeed.

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