Master P Net Worth 2020

Percy Robert Miller, famously known as “Master P” is an American entertainer, investor, rapper and entrepreneur. He has an accumulated net worth of around $200 Million. Miller is well-known and respected in the Hip Hop music industry as Master P.

master p net worth
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He is the CEO, founder, and president of the record label company named “No Limit Records”, and also happens to be the founder of P. Miller Enterprises, which is a financial and entertainment conglomerate.

Just like Jay Z is known as a good businessman, Master P is not far behind, he has got tremendous business skills from which he has managed to create a business empire. His empire consists of several rap record labels, management company, clothing line, travel agency, a video game company and a film production company.


Master P learned that the audience loved funky, street-type beats rap music that some major record labels were not providing so he made his label “No Limit” which provided the audience with just that.

And it was a huge success after its launch in 1990, as he debuted with “Get Away Clean” which was a huge underground hit, later he made a compilation titled “west coast bad boyz” which featured E-40 and Rappin 4 Tay before they were famous, those songs ended up being on the charts for over a year.


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Then his music reached New Orleans and it really left a mark in the rap industry by bringing the fresh funky vibe to it.

Out of all the above-mentioned business ventures, his most famous till date has to be his record label “No Limit” which has perfected the southern Rap sound. Although, No limit label was shut down in 2003 since 2011 it has been trying to bounce back up.

Master P Net Worth

Master P has a net worth of over $200 million. His financial status also came to light when he and his ex-wife got divorced and she revealed what he had. She revealed that he had a fleet of 13 cars, which includes top luxury cars from Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Jag, and Behemoth Escalade.

Apart from that, he owns a Lamborghini, a yellow Mercedes Benz. Master P also owns a mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that was even featured in MTV cribs once. And apart from that, he owns several houses all over the united states.

Miller due to his divorce with his ex-wife also has to pay $271 for child support for each of his four young children. Master P also made it to the “America’s Richest Forty Under Forty” list of Fortune Magazine, as his earnings were estimated to be around $361,000,000.

And apart from that, he was also named Forbes Magazine’s List of America’s 40 highest-paid entertainers, earning around $56,600,000. Although he has seen some bad times in his career he is doing quite well in terms of wealth and considering what a great business mind he has his net worth is most likely to increase in the coming years.

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