Mark Spitz Net Worth

Born in 1950, Mark Andrew Spitz is a former American swimmer and 9 Olympic Gold Medal Winner. As an adept swimmer, he had made an unsurpassed record of winning seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics. Not only he has brought immense prestige to his country but has also carved a niche as a holder of the world record in swimming. It is seen that his world records standstill undefined with his huge achievements and fame as an athlete. Keep reading to learn about Mark Spitz net worth.


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Mark Spitz Wiki

Full NameMark Andrew Spitz
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1950
Place of BirthModesto, California, United States
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerSuzy Weiner
Height1.83 m (6 ft)
Weight73 kg
Mark Spitz Net Worth$20 Million

Early Life

Mark Andrew Spitz was conceived on February 10, 1950, in California, United States. He belongs to a Jewish family. His dad’s name is Arnold Spitz and his mother’s name is Lenore Sylvia. Mark used to swim in Waikiki beach in Hawaii when he was very young. When he reached the age of 6, he started taking part in local swimming competitions.

When Spitz was 10 years old, he already held 17 national records in swimming. He trained under coach George F. Haines for time being. When he turned 16, he already had several world records in International swimming.


Mark started his amazing professional career at the age of 15. At the 1965 Maccabiah Games, he won 4 Gold Medals. In the 1968 Olympic games, Spitz won 2 Gold Medals and one silver and one bronze medal. He was disappointed to win only two gold medals as he predicted before the competition that he will win 6 Gold Medals.

In the 1972 Olympics, Mark performed spectacularly and won 7 Gold medals. It was a world record at the time and stood for many years before Michael Phelps broke this record in the 2008 Olympics. After the 1972 Olympics, Mark retired from his professional swimming career even though he was very young at the time.

Mark Spitz has also made 35 world records. He has nine gold medals at his disposal, making him the most sought-after athlete. Even in Pan American Games, he managed to fetch 5 gold medals and this record was unbeatable till a Brazilian swimmer came in. Mark Spitz is also in the International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductees.

Mark has made a nice chunk of wealth from his professional career. There are numerous sponsorships from which Mark earns a large amount of money. His property comprises luxurious cars, sprawling mansions, and so on. He also became a fashion icon among aspiring swimmers for his well-maintained mustache. Apart from his regular income, he being a member of numerous sports organizations and clubs, earn handsomely.

After he retired from swimming, Mark Spitz went into show business and appeared in many movies and TV shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, and The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. He also appeared in many commercials which increased his overall wealth.

It is reported that Mark Spitz was married to Suzy Spitz in 1973 and they have two children named Justin and Matthew. His wife is an actress on American TV and since their marriage, they have been together. No such rumors about his relationships were heard.

Mark Spitz is believed to be a one-woman man and they are quite happy in their conjugal life. So, summing up Mark Spitz emerges as a versatile, extraordinarily talented swimmer who with his zeal and dedication has reached the zenith of success as a sports personnel. From the Olympics to the national level, he has been an unparalleled inspiration for aspiring youngsters.

How much is Mark Spitz Net Worth?

According to various sources, Mark Spitz Net Worth is evaluated to be $20 Million. He has earned his wealth via his career, sponsorships, TV appearances, business, commercials, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Facts about Mark Spitz

  • Mark’s full name is Mark Andrew Spitz. He is of Jewish descent. His zodiac is Aquarius.
  • He is considered to be one of the greatest American athletes of all time
  • Mark was ranked as one of the 50 Greatest Athletes by ESPN SportsCentury in 1999.
  • He has been inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, National Jewish Museum Sports Hall of Fame, International Swimming Hall of Fame, Long Beach City College Hall of Fame, and many more.
  • Mark has a sizable social media following. His Instagram account has over 6000 followers, his Twitter profile has more than 4500 followers and his Facebook page has over 12k followers.
  • His biography titled The Extraordinary Life of An Olympic Champion was released in 2008.
  • Post-retirement, Mark had several lucrative endorsement deals. He also went into business and did very well.
  • His iconic mustache was very famous during his career. He finally shaved it in 1988.
  • In 2008, Mark stated that he was not invited to the 2008 Olympic games where Michael Phelps broke his record. He said that he felt insulted about this incident. However, Spitz said that he was proud of Phelp’s performance at the Olympics.