Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2020

If you are anywhere near Generation Y and do not live under a rock, you’ll have definitely heard of Lana Del Rey. The 34-year-old American artist has seen widespread recognition and fame, mostly due to her singles “Born To Die”, “Paradise”, and “Honeymoon”.

Lana Del Rey Net Worth
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Her genre is mostly pop, indie, rock, and features arbitrary references to the ‘50s and 60’s Americana pop culture. But did you know what her assets amount to? Obviously, being such a famed and popular artist, we’re certain your first guess was higher than what anyone can dream of. And you’re not much far off.

Lana Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, and she adopted the moniker as a memoir of Miami’s beaches and deep blue oceans. Her name literally means “King’s Wool” in Spanish, which doesn’t make quite much sense. But Del Rey insists that it is “exotic”, and it might as well be. After all, what’s the reason that millions of people have fallen in love with the name?

Early Life

Elizabeth Woolridge “Liz” Grant was born into a happy family on the 21st of June, 1985, in New York City, NY. She was born to Robert Grant Jr. and Patricia Ann and grew up with her siblings, Charlie and Caroline.

After dropping out of college, she spent a year on vacation with her aunt and uncle, wherefrom she learned the guitar. And that was when she fell in love with music. To think, one can compose thousands of songs using only six chords.

Del Rey fell a strong magnetic connection that could not be separated. She graduated from Fordham University, majoring in philosophy and specifically metaphysics. She claims that the subject brought her closer to the meaning of existence and the message of God, and how He and His creations connect with one another.


In 2005, Del Rey signed two Eps (Extended Plays) titled “Rock Me Stable” and “From The End” with The United States Copyright Office. After going through subsequent directors and managers, she finally settled for going solo for a few months.

However, her life took a turn when she released the music videos for her singles “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” on YouTube. Both of the videos gained substantial recognition and fame, and she immediately went viral on the world wide web. She says that she merely released them because she liked them, and did not expect to gain such widespread reception.


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After that, her golden era began, in which she released two successful studio albums “Born To Die” and “Paradise”. Her singles “Video Games”, “Dark Paradise”, and “Honeymoon” reached the top of charts within a month of their release.

Lana Del Ray Net Worth

So when we found out what all of Del Rey’s assets amount to, we were not that surprised. What would your guess be? 5 million? 1 million? Neither, actually. Her net worth amounts to about $18 million and is constantly growing at an alarming rate.

We hope to see Del Rey perform more in the future.

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