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Alongside singers and songwriters, the internet has seen the rise and fall and rise again of rappers. Already, songwriters like Eminem, TY Dollar Sign and Busta Rhymes have stepped into the spotlight and made their way through the crowd.

Even women have shown interest in the art, with music icons like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea adopting the style and integrating them into singles, either done solo or in collaboration with singers.

So it seems no surprise that yet another young artist has boomed through cafes and clubs via his exquisite rapping. Meet Brian Todd Collins, who is best known by his stage name Kid Ink. He has gained recognition by performing in numerous singles in collaboration with popular singers like Fifth Harmony and Jamie Foxx.

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And his net worth? Perhaps too impressive for a rapper. We’ll get to that soon. But first, let’s educate ourselves on his inspirational journey from after-school rapper to full-time award winner.

Early Life

Brain Todd Collins was born on the 1st of April, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. He was raised and brought up quite well, and inspired to be in the showbiz since a very young age. In his teenage years, he attended numerous after-school music classes, and fell in love with the art of rapping.


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Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell Williams were his initial inspirations, and little did he know that he would soon be inspiring tons of young followers. He was producing songs and tracks in his halftime.


In 2010, he became a full-time rapper, adopting the stage name Rockstar. He released his first official mixtape titled “World Tour”, which gained substantial popularity and fame within only a month.

Then somewhere in 2011, he released his second mixtape, conveniently titled “Crash Landing”, which was soon followed by his third mixtape “Daydreamer”. Then, after his fourth mixtape “Wheels Up”, he finally began work on his debut studio album.

Hence, in 2012, he finally released an official album “Up & Away” which earned wholesome reception and charted numerous billboards and lists. Kid Ink proceeded to sing and record tons of singles, most notably “Money And The Power”, “Bad Ass”, and featured on vastly growing songs such as “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony.

Following his worldwide success he released a second album “My Own Lane”, whose debut single “Show Me” earned him his first golden plaque from RIAA.

Although Kid Ink is lesser known than other rappers such as Eminem and Pharrell, he has surely reached the status that he aspired to have.

How Rich is Kid Ink?

When we inspect his career closely, it may seem noteworthy that his success has certainly reached tremendous heights. So when we learn about his net worth, we seem not so surprised. Kid Ink’s net worth amounts to about $2.5 million, which in certainly baffling when compared to most singers who are in the pool of the lesser known.

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