Kehlani Net Worth 2020

Kehlani Ashley Parrish was a regular American teenager when she enrolled in the Juilliard School to aspire as a professional dancer. However, she had never thought that her life could take such a dramatic turn when she suffered a knee injury and decided to pursue a singing career.

kehlani net worth
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As people of 2020, we prefer to lean towards “real jobs”, like engineering, medicine, or e-commerce. But what most people outright deny is the fact that performing arts and arts, in general, have gained more media attention than any other occupation, and can actually pay ten times more than.

So it comes as no surprise that almost every teenager and young artist is pursuing a career in singing or dancing. However, only a handful actually make it to the spotlight. It was one such artist who, in 2014, dropped a mixtape that topped numerous charts and even got her a nomination for the Grammy’s.

So when you may think about her net worth, colossal numbers may come to mind. And they’re not far off.

Early Life

Meet Kehlani Ashley Parrish, an American-born mixed-race singer, and songwriter that opened her eyes on the 24th of April, 1995, in Oakland, California. She has cited her ethnicity as a cross between black, white, Native American, and Latin.

She lived a childhood of hardships and struggles. Her aunt fostered her and catered to all her needs when her mother served a sentence in jail. Her father had died when she was in infancy. She had always taken interest in the performing arts, specifically ballet and modern dancing.

However, when she finally enrolled in the Juilliard School to study the art of dance, she ended up injuring her knee, after which she decided on a career in singing. That apparently has gone a long way.


She ended up joining the PopLyfe group, along with Dwayne Wiggins. Together, the group auditioned for the sixth season of America’s Got Talent, and ended up finishing in fourth place, which was a huge step forward for the group.

Kehlani, however, pursued a solo career, as she and her former co-singers lost the required financial status. In 2012, Kehlani became homeless and bankrupt, shifting from house to house, and requesting a place to stay.

Her career and her life seemed to be at their very bottom. However, a miracle came to light when, in 2013, Kehlani released her debut single “AntiSummerLuv”, which gained her an apartment and a recording studio.


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She finally released her first mixtape “Cloud 19” in 2014 and became internationally acclaimed. It was featured on Complex’s “50 Best Albums Of 2014”. She subsequently released another mixtape before releasing a debut studio album.

Kehlani Net Worth

So when we found out that her net worth is an estimated $3 million, we were really not that surprised. Seeing her position now, it’s apparent that her assets would have rocketed from when she started.

We wish her the best of luck for the future.

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