Juvenile Net Worth 2020

Terius Gray is an American rapper, born in March 1977. He is known by his stage name Juvenile. Juvenile is part of the famous and one of the most successful hip-hop bands, The Hot Boys.

He started singing professionally in 1995 when he launched an album named “Being Myself”. He was only 17, and his song became an instant hit. In 1999, he launched another song with the title “Back That Thang Up”.

juvenile net worth
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The song went favored even more than his previous one, and he became a star. Since then, rap has been his primary source of income which has contributed majorly to his net worth of $3 million.


Despite his debut in 1995, Juvenile was trying to get into the hip-hop industry since the early 1990s. He has been writing songs and recording them by himself. In 1991, one of his songs named “Bounce for Juvenile,” was showcased to the public on DJ Jimi’s year 1991 presentation.

After he released his first ever song in 1995, he collaborated with Warlock Records. Although this seemed an excellent opportunity for the struggling artist, his first album with the recording studio didn’t go well.

It couldn’t get on the charts and be unable to create a national impression. However, it received immense popularity locally and earned some hefty cash. Once he was locally recognized, he went on to work with bigger recording companies.

In 1997, he released his very first album with Cash Money Records which was titled as “Solja Rags”. The album did pretty well for Juvenile, considering the fact that he was struggling and trying to make a name for himself.

The local rap audiences loved the song, and it also featured on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. In the very same year, Juvenile collaborated with Hot Boys, Turk, Lil Wayne, and B.G. The combined album was named “Get It How You Live!.”

Juvenile launched an album named “400 Degrees” in 1998. This album was his breakthrough to the national platforms of rap.

Personal Life

Despite his success as a professional singer, Juvenile doesn’t have quite a stable life. His spouse Joy Deleston already had a son named Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr and a daughter. The couple, Juvenile and Joy Deleston had a daughter of their own as well.

On February 2008, Anthony Tyrone, the oldest son of Joy Deleston killed his mother, his sister, and his step-sister (Juvenile’s daughter). He was then sentenced to these charges and is in jail, serving his two consecutive death punishments for three murders and three assaults.


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He could have been sentenced to death as per the crime he committed. But his age, 17, didn’t allow the judge to get him killed as per Georgia’s law. Juvenile was devastated, and his whole world fell apart.

One of the after events of the killing was Juvenile himself not attending his spouse and his daughters’ funeral. He was criticized for the act but replied for the reason that his presence would have drawn attention away from the funeral to himself as he was the star. So, he decided not to appear on the funeral of two people who he loved the most.

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