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Govind Arun Kumar Ahuja is an Indian actor, comedian, and better known as a dancer. In the film industry and among his fans, he uses his name Govinda, leaving other names behind. He is also a politician and had been a member of the Indian Parliament from 2004 to 2009.


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His career is not limited only to movies and acting, but he does business alongside as well. He earns more than 2-3 crore per movie. Keep reading to get to know Govinda Net Worth.

Govinda Wiki

Full NameGovind Arun Ahuja
Date of Birth21 December 1963
Place of BirthVirar, Maharashtra, India
OccupationActor, politician
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse/PartnerSunita Ahuja (Wife)

Rani Mukherji

Height1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight85 kg
Govinda Net Worth$25 Million

Early Life

Interestingly his parents, both mother, and father, were actors. He was born in 1963 in India. Just like other kids of his age, he went to attend his school and college in Maharashtra. But he had to drop out of the college where he was pursuing his engineering degree after he received a modeling offer.


Govinda entered the acting career after his father motivated him and suggested he should become an actor. His father was also an actor but he did just one movie and that was a super flop. He had to sell everything and even his house to feed his children. A father who dreamed to become an actor but failed badly tried his best to see that actor in his son.

In the beginning, he could not make a special mark, just like many other Indian actors. But his first super hit movie was Ilzam and it brought him huge support and fan following. After that, Govinda was the choice of many producers and directors. Many people are interested in Govinda Net Worth because of his inspiring career.

He has done all sorts of movies from action to romance, comedy to dancing. But the world knows him for his amazing comedy skills and excellent dancing. He even did a movie that was all about dancing. That movie proved in the industry that no one can match Govinda when it comes to dancing.

Most of his fortune comes from movies and acting. As mentioned earlier, he makes 2-3 crore in every movie. There is a long list of top Indian actors Govinda has worked with. His comedy movie Partner with Salman Khan is still one of the best and most appreciated films of the Indian industry.

A dream that his father saw was turned into reality by him. He has been nominated for a dozen film awards and has won many as well.

Personal Life

He has been in a relationship with a number of Indian actresses but married Sunita Ahuja and they have two children as well. He is now 56 years old and his children are also planning to enter the film industry. When we talk about his other activities than acting, he has contested elections and became a member of the Indian Parliament for five years.

He has purchased lands in almost all parts of India that are worth millions of rupees. His car collection comprises the best cars around the world. There is no luxury car that Govinda has not bought because he is really interested in owning the best and most expensive cars.

Net Worth of Govinda

Govinda has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

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