Famous Dex Net Worth 2020

Famous Dex is also known by the name of Black Migo Dex and he is well known for his special performances as drill rapper. He is an African-American Muslim, which is why he was given the name Black Migo Dex by one of his friends. He has an estimated net worth of 600 thousand dollars.

famous dex net worth
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His original name is Dexter Gore and he comes from the Chicago state of the United States of America. The American rapper is famous for many of his songs like “2 Times”, “Drip from My Walk” and many more.

Early Life

Dex as a singer and rapper is not only famous for the drip rap style music but also for the pop rap and trap-rap style of music. Dex was born in New York and grew up in Chicago. He was the 4th child of his parents out of total 12 siblings.

He used to play basketball and point guard, especially in high school. He went to the same Robeson High School as the one attended by another rapper of Chicago, Lil Durk. Currently, Dex lives in Los Angeles and is seen with Lil Pump. He is a father of two children.


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Money and success don’t change people they merely amplify what is already there.🥶

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The trendy hip-hop artist did not have an easy life in the early years. He was in his junior year when his mother passed away and the depression he fell in life made him a drug seller and he fell into gangbanging.

During this time, he was stabbed in his own home for 5 to 6 times and this rendered him fall into a coma for 4 days. When he recovered from this state, he decided to commit as a rapper and then his life started as a rapper.

Hip-hop and rap style music became the identity and profession of Rex which later took him to the high ends of fame and fan following. At this stage, he changed his name from Black Migo Dex to Famous Rex. The themes of most of the songs of Dex were based on the nonviolence concepts.

Achievements and Awards

Famous Dex is rising and trending hip-hop rapper from the South State of America and is really loved by the listeners. The people who adore music also adore Dex and his singing style a lot.

The music sung by Dex portrays the creative sides and aspects of youth and culture and there is no theme or focus on crime and violence in his music which is the biggest achievement of Famous Dex.

Famous Dex is basically popular for the exuberant music and rap style among his fans. Being a rapper from South, his music and style greatly appeal the Midwestern people. That is why a guy named Rich the Kid has announced that his new label will be featured by Famous Dex.

In 2016 alone, Dex released 3 albums under the captions of Heartbreak Kid, Drippy and #OhhMannGoddDamn. Currently, he is the CEO of the company in partnership with the 300 Entertainment Record Company.

Wealth of Famous Dex

The net worth of Famous Dex is $600,000.