E-Money Net Worth and Biography

Talking about E-money, don’t start thinking you’ll get information about digital currency here, we’ll be talking about the Nigerian Billionaire who is also called Arab Money! His real name is Emeka Okonkwo.

E-Money Net Worth
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Early Life and Bio

He was born on 18 February 1981. In such a short time, he made so much money that it looks unbelievable! He is the founder and Boss of Emmy Cargoes Ltd. He is the brother of a millionaire Kcee. He is also the founder of Five Star record label.


Emka got married to the love of his life. When talking about their married life, in an interview, the couple disclosed many precious memories of their early life. Emka mentions that he liked the trait of his wife that she was God-fearing and not materialistic.

She had never been interested in money or expensive things. She had a pure heart and she was the first woman in her life that he would make a girlfriend. He, eventually, remained faithful to her and married her.  He was working hard to make both ends meet when he got married.

At the time when he married, it was a traditional marriage, by the way, he did not even have enough money to pay for his fare. He borrowed money from his musician brother Kcee.

During his journey back home, he got a call of 2 million dollars contract. His life changed after that contract. Luck was on his side after he got married.

His wife lives in the UK, they have three kids together. He travels to the UK to meet his family every fortnight. Famous Nigerian singer Kcee is his bother.

Net Worth of E-Money

This successful man has a net worth of 30 million US Dollars. E-money is a man of class. He has chosen amazing things that are a dream if every man. He has a state-of-the-art mansion which would be about 250 million naira. He has four-wheelers like SUVs, various sports cars of amazing speed, a range Rover and a few commercial chains that go along the coast of Nigeria.

The list doesn’t end here, he recently added a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to his huge collection of cars. The Benz would be somewhere around 30 million US dollars. He gifted his brother a Mercedes too, for his birthday. It would be worth 20 million Naira.

It is a Mercedes Benz G Wagon. He also purchased a car for security, i.e. an armored car in 2016. It was Lexus LX570, and it was more than 90,000 US Dollars. His love for cars can be seen in his collection of four-wheelers.

Most of his earning come from the record label that has produced many good musicians. He has always been into smart investment techniques and strategies. He has an extravagant lifestyle which he shows off over social media a lot.

The frequent posts of his commodities make him the most sought out celebrity by his fans. He has become the ideal of many Nigerian men. He has proven that hard-luck pays off sooner or later.

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