Cy Waits Net Worth

Cy Waits is a businessman and entrepreneur who has become known for his work in the cannabis industry. He has been instrumental in developing new products and growing companies in this field, and he continues to be a driving force in the industry. His experience and expertise have made him a sought-after consultant, and he is constantly working to expand the reach of cannabis-based products. Cy Waits is truly at the forefront of this emerging field, and his work is shaping the future of cannabis-based businesses.

Cy Waits Education, Career

Cy Waits is a businessman and entrepreneur who is best known for his work in the nightclub and entertainment industry. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cy Waits graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in business administration. He has worked in the nightclub industry since he was 21 years old, starting out as a club promoter and eventually becoming an owner and operator of several successful venues. In 2010, he opened the critically acclaimed XS Nightclub at the Encore Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Cy Waits is also a philanthropist and has been involved in various charitable causes throughout his career.

Cy Waits Net Worth

How much is Cy Waits Net Worth?

Cy Waits is an American entrepreneur and nightclub owner with a net worth of 5 million dollars. Waits is the co-founder of the Las Vegas nightclub chain Pure Management Group. He has also owned and operated several successful businesses, including a security company and a luxury car dealership. In addition to his business ventures, Waits is also a philanthropist and actively involved in several charitable causes. He is a strong supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and has raised millions of dollars for the organization. Waits is also a board member of the Congo Peace Center, which works to promote peace and stability in the war-torn region.


Cy Waits is a businessman and entrepreneur who knows how to get things done. He has started and sold businesses, been in the trenches of Wall Street, and learned from some of the best minds in business.