Brittanya Razavi Net Worth 2020

Brittanya Razavi is an American national who is known for her appearances in the adult films. Over the years, she has evolved into a social media personality and a businesswoman. In total, Brittanya Razavi has a net worth of $8 million.

Brittanya Razavi Net Worth
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Early Life

Born in July 1985, Brittanya grew up in the neighborhoods of Oxnard, California. She had an incredibly rough and challenging childhood with her father being sent to prison when she was only fifteen years old.

There is nothing known about her mother. However, it is known that she didn’t live with her kids and husband. She had four other siblings. She had no one to mentor her or to help her when she was in her most important and decisive stage of life. The lack of a father figure profoundly affected Brittanya Razavi.

Personal Life

Brittanya’s life was terrible. Growing up without parents is tough. Despite all of this, her achievements are inspirational. But her stardom isn’t very ideal for herself.

The girl has had a controversial career. Like her father, she was also sentenced to prison but only for six months. She was accused of assaulting a woman. She spent her time in jail. However, these controversies didn’t make her fall down. Instead, she gathered herself again and came back stronger.

Brittanya belongs to the adult film industry. People residing there usually don’t lead a responsible or family oriented life. But Brittanya is a bit different than others. Due to her struggling childhood, she knows the importance of a family.

So she got married to Moe Razavi, and they have five children. Because she lacked a guardian in her life, Brittanya is trying her best to be there for her kids and guide them through the necessary parts of life.


The main reason why people know her is not her adult industry work. She is very active on social media, specifically Instagram. She is a star in the online world and frequently uploads her videos and pictures which shows how outgoing and jolly she is, by nature. Her hard work has earned her almost ten million followers on Instagram alone.

Her social media profile was so attractive that she was offered work on the television. She appeared on a reality TV show “Rock of Love and Charm School” which gave her a significant breakthrough. Since then, she went on to be more popular.

Her fans grew from social media to the TV. She had a lot of struggle getting there. But her hardworking nature got her on the cover of 8 big magazine brands within eight months. That is a steep graph of success.

Some of the magazines she worked for are Tattoo Energy, Rebel Ink, Savage Tattoo, and others. When she achieved milestones in acting and modeling industry, she also showed her excellent fashion and business sense by launching a clothing line.

The brand is named 187 Avenue which earned Brittanya a massive amount of cash and increased her net worth.

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