Big Meech Net Worth

The Leader of the Black Mafia Family, Big Meech, has been involved in drug trafficking in many territories of the United States of America. The Black Mafia Family, which was founded in 1980, started as a little organization in Detroit, MI. it eventually spread over America and had a huge territory. They were able to establish cocaine distribution cells all over America. Read further to get to know Big Meech Net Worth.

For their operations, they established two hubs. The first one was the Atlanta, Georgia hub, which was operated by the older brother Demetrius, also called Big Meech. The second hub was situated in California, operated by Terry for the handling of incoming shipments that came from Mexico.

Big Meech Wiki

Full NameDemetrius Flenory
Date of Birth21 June 1968
Place of BirthCleveland, Ohio, U.S.
OccupationDrug Lord, Record label owner
Marital StatusSingle
Height1.74 m
Weight68 kg
Big Meech Net Worth$100 Million

Business settlements

Black Mafia Family tried to legitimize the business by stepping into music industry. They targeted hip-hop music by starting BMF Entertainment. Under BMF Entertainment, they promoted a number of artists and the music industry got major popular artists like Young Jeezy , Fabolous along with Bleu DaVinci.

In 2005, the brothers got under allegations and hence were sentenced to 30 years of prison. The prosecutors made allegations that they made a conspiracy under which they had made $270 million.

Big Meech’s Story

Big Meech’s original name is Demetrius Edward Flenory. He was born on 21st June, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan. Big Meech along with his brother Terry Lee Flenory ( who was 4 years younger than him), had a hobby of selling bags of cocaine on streets of  their neighborhood,  from their high school years.

By the year 2000, their network had expanded really well. Their investigation was started at the federal level which lasted for two years and it was concluded that they had over 500 nationwide memberships. Eventually both the brothers split due to some reasons.

It was then that the younger brother shifted to Los Angeles with his then girlfriend and Big Meech stayed there at Atlanta. At that time they did not speak to each other. Later after their split, Terry was worried that Big Meech’s excessive habit of partying might bring wrong attention to the business.

He showed his concerns to his sister on a phone call which DEA caught on wiretap. Later charges were filed against the brothers and the officials had a huge collection of typed pages which were transcripts of the wiretapped conversations from Big Meech’s younger brother’s phone.

The story of the organization was found out and discussed in detail by Mara Shalhoup, the senior editor of Creative Loafing, in a series comprising of three parts with the title Hip-Hop’s Shadowy Empire. It was the first official report with a detail.

Later, she wrote a book on the organization with the title: BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family. This book was published in 2010. The Net Worth of Big Meech is 100 million US dollars. There have been various allegations of violence over Black Mafia Family.

Big Meech Net Worth

Net Worth of Big Meech is 100 million US dollars.

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