Arthur Eze Net Worth 2020

One of the top richest men in Nigeria, Arthur Eze, is a well reputed business man. Not only Nigeria, but he is one of the wealthiest men of the whole of Africa. He is the founder of a Petroleum company that goes by the name: Atlas Oranto Petroleum.

He founded that company in 1991. Arthur Eze is serving as the Chairman of Atlas Oranto Petroluem. The company has its assets in Nigeria, Gambia , Guinea and Liberia. In the year 2010, Arthur Eze sold oil blocks and was able to make 200 Million US Dollars. He is also a politician and his political career has given him much worth as well.

arthur eze net worth
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Early Life and Education

Arthur Eze went to his secondary school in Nkwere, Nigeria. He then got admission in University and is a graduate of California State University, Long Beech. He got his degree in chemical and mechanical Engineering from the year 1974 to the year 1978.

With such quality education at hand, he had full confidence to utilize his degree and start something that would not only beneficial for him but also for the country.

This multimillionaire tycoon has made many donations of a huge amount to several organizations. In 2013, Eze donated 12 million US Dollars to Anglican Church. He made the announcement at a fundraising dinner.

The president of the event was delighted and thanked Eze for his support for development of youth and their issues. He also urged other wealthy Nigerians to make donations for the welfare of the country.

He has established a Foundation for widows who have to bear the burden of a family by introducing and establishing a Prince Arthur Eze Student Foundation. Various widows from different states have travelled to Awka, where this organization is established. Widows get benefit from here.

Here, they have introduced multiple schemes to empower widows and help them make a living. At this organization, widows are given compensation and if they have kids, their kids’ school fees are paid. All the people who have benefitted from this organization are extremely thankful to Eze and looks to him as a generous man.

Eze is very popular on social media. He promotes his welfare work so that more and more people can benefit from it. And more people can communicate to him so that he knows where to establish the next big project.

At his donations to the President Jonathan’s Hometown Church, he had to face controversies. Eze made it clear that this money is not for the president himself but for the welfare of the villagers. This is something God would be happy for.

We are thanking God for how he has saved that place in the past when there was no water and no electricity. Then Jonathan became the President and changed that place altogether for good. This makes us thank God with all we have.

How Rich is Arthur Eze?

Prince Arthur Eze has a net worth of 5.7 Billion US Dollars.